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Buying home in Greece

ADventureHomes is seeking capital partners for developing projects in Greece, and for developing business relations in general between Greece and Scandinavia.

Further information:

Managing Director, Flemming Østergaard
tel (+45) 8882 7080

is the leading provider of 
homes in Greece 
for the Scandinavian market.


ADventureHomes is a 100% Danish owned company, with head office in the City Centre of Copenhagen.
Swedish and Norwegian clients are for time being requested to contact our Copenhagen office.

ADventureHomes cooperates with serious partners in the Greek building industry all over the country. Our major activities are in Crete, where the climate is especially attractive to Scandinavian buyers.

It is our charge to market housing units in Greece for buyers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We arrange and prepare viewing appointments for our Scandinavian clients with our Greek partners, and we assist the clients in all communication with our Greek partners and the Greek authorities, before, during and after viewing and purchase.


We are the experts about homes in Greece

You can regard ADventureHomes as the Scandinavian specialist about housing in Greece. Our marketing manager is of Greek origin, and with more than 30 years of experience in communication between Scandinavia and Greece. 

Our network with partners, authorities etc. in Greece as well as Scandinavia is unique, and we are prepared for all kinds of questions which might appear before, during and after the purchase and building process.


"Direct from builder"

We call our concept ”direct from builder”, which means that our Scandinavian clients are contracting direct with the Greek building company, who will build the house or apartment at the plot, selected by our client. 
In most cases the home will be delivered up to one year after purchase, but in some cases it can be possible to find homes which has already been build, or which are finished earlier.

During the process, ADventureHomes will represent both sides, and secure the right communication between the Scandinavian and the Greek parties, for the purpose of obtaining the final result for everyone's benefit. 

ADventureHomes will appreciate new contacts from professional partners within the Greek building industry.


Most pages on this web-site are for Scandinavian clients, and therefor in Scandinavian languages,

- sorry! - But you are always welcome to contact us.


You can find ADventureHomes here:


Head office:


Aaboulevard 11C
DK-1635 Copenhagen
tel. (+45) 8882 7080
fax (+45) 6980 4589

MD: Flemming Østergaard
Marketing manager, Denmark:  Yannis Gavalias